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The Mistress Phone Card

After many months of searching we found the right tele-card company. One which can create these very special limited edition custom cards, and provide an outstanding and unique service to YOU. The most interesting features of this telecard service is its flat per minute rate. Use it ANYTIME & ANYWHERE in US. Its many features include; An International Calling Plan, Multiple Recharge Options, and No Records of the Numbers Called. And to top that off, NO Monthly Bills. Yes, this is the ultimate way to maintain Confidentially and Privacy.

And There Is More:

No Surcharges, No Access Fees, Access Via 800 Number, Rechargeable (check, money order, credit card),Access 5 Informational Sources (Stock Market, Sports Scoreboard, Weather, Daily Lottery, and Daily Horoscope)



This is your opportunity to Vote on which Limited Edition Collectible Phone Card should be created. S&M News is dedicated to its clients and will only create the phone card of YOUR Choice.


Mistress Cherri

Mistress  Lusynda

Mistress Myah




Please select the order of your preference (1, 2, or 3) in each box.

Reserve a Custom Card Today- Maximum 4 of each of the custom cards can be put on reserve today at a specially reduce rate. Prepayment will be required prior to shipment - You will be contacted via email with the details.


YES I want to reserve my custom cards. Reserve me the following cards.


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Limited Edition




Card Signed By the Mistress




Non-customized - signed by Mistress



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I understand I will be contacted by e-mail about payment procedures. *The custom cards are Zero Balance Rechargeable Phone cards and do not include any prepaid time or prepaid time speaking with YOUR Mistress, plus the estimated cost for shipping is $ 1.50 per card for the customized card.

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