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Information About Spanking, Flagellation, Whipping,

Caning, Paddling, Beating, Slapping, Strapping,

F/M, ... F/F, ... M/M, ... M/F

C.P., O.T.K., and BDSM

Organizations, Instructions, IRC, Index, Equipment, Bibliography, and Notes

The Spanking Resources Guide is a link list to Net sites and a specialized bibliography. It includes a variety of references to Internet web sites, newsgroups, mail lists, BBSes, e-mail connections, FTP sites, and IRC Chat groups. It provides extensive references to print literature (i.e., books, newspapers, zines, e-zines, magazines, newsletters, articles), and print publishers. It includes references to noted fiction and nonfiction authors, photographic and graphic artists, clubs and organizations, and other sources of information about the subject of erotic spanking, flagellation, corporal punishment, whipping, caning, and sadomasochistic discipline. This Spanking Resources Guide deals with one erotic play technique of consenting adults.

The Spanking Resources Guide is the most popular publication at the Kinky Flavors website.

If and when The KINKY FLAVORS WEBSITE closes, CARTER STEVENS PRESENTS with permission of KINKY FLAVORS will absorb and continue to to update the BDSM LINKS LIST and THE FETISH LINKS LIST, as well as the Spanking Resources Guide, major portions of which follow:

Spanking is a subject of serious and sensual concern in the Internet bdsm community, of serious interest amongst non-erotic CP advocates, and, of course, of interest to curious persons browsing the Net. "Taking a Walk on the Wild Side" is safe and easy on the Net. Welcome to all Readers.

Mistress Blanca and Peter are also the authors of the BDSM Links List(now on line at this S&M NEWS web site) which has some related links on flagellation.

The Kinky Flavors Resources Guides Series feature lots of current links to unique and specialized subject areas, references to good information outside the Net, a good subject arrangement, no graphics, and comments on the sites visited. The series is now being supported on the Internet by Carter Stevens Presents and THE S & M NEWS.

If you would like your spanking site or spanking publication listed in the Spanking Resources Guide, or wish to share information with the authors, then please write to Carter Stevens Presents at Carter Stevens. We welcome comments, suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism. Please inform us if you think we have misclassified any links, find a dead link, missed a good link, or if you want a link removed from one of our publications. Thanks for your interest and support.

Many persons have sent information, review materials, links, and citations for this publication. We thank them! A special thanks to: khashka, David S., Rob Hill, Clare Gordon, slave w, and KDMtoo. And most important Mistress Blanca and Peter who made the original list we are now supporting.

We support the Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Freedom of Speech, Press, and Association.

What sort of questions might this Spanking Bookmark answer? How and why do creative and energetic adults come to enjoy spanking and flagellation? What books, magazines and videos are available for spanking devotees? Where can you select and purchase a Cat of Nine tails, bamboo cane, or a heavy leather split slapper? What magazines or web pages provide information and ideas for women that regularly flagellate their masochistic male lovers and/or husbands? What are the historical perspectives on this subject? Where is the hot spanking fiction on the Net? Where can I find descriptions of real and imagined severe S/M action with whipping? Is there a bibliography on sensuous spanking, hard CP, or the religious aspects of mysticism via punishment of the body?

Larger social-cultural-political issues such as the discipline and punishment of children, juveniles, spouses, family members, criminals, prisoners of war, kidnapped and tortured victims of racial-ethnic-nationalistic civilian wars, the spanking of children by members of cultural or religious groups, classroom discipline and punishment, judicial corporal punishment, etc.,
are NOT covered in this Spanking Resources Guide to any significant extent. We do point to a few resources on the Net and elsewhere on these subjects.

We are primarily interested in the kinky sadomasochistic activities of consenting adults (F/M, M/M, M/F, and F/F) engaged in spanking/flagellation and related BDSM activities as
an erotic lark or life-style.


Aces 'Free" BBS, Phone: 212-308-1146. Devoted to Spanking.

Baroness Bungalow File Based BBS, specialty in spanking and BDSM. (NO CONNECTION 9/10)

English Palace BBS

Fetish BBS, 818-879-9689, California. telnet://

The Fetish Network (TFN), 954-316-8990, telnet://

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Bullwhips FAQ

"Secrets of Throwing the Bullwhip," by Mitch Kessler. Found in the Sandmutopian Guardian (Issue #19, 1995, pp.40-41).

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Caning, Canes, Rods, Switches, Birching

"The Cane and I," by Liberatus. Found in The Governess (Issue 6, 1994, pp.46-50, 58-59).

Caning: Educational Rite and Tradition. By Joseph A. Mercurio. (Syracuse University Press, Division of Special Education and Rehabilitation, 1972.)

'Postures for Caning' and 'Disciplinary Canes' , an excerpt from the Female Disciplinary Manual published by the Wildfire Club in England.

"Six of the Best: Canes and Caning," by Sir Adam, Mitch Kessler. Found in the Sandmutopian Guardian (Issue #19, 1995, pp. 6-9, 37).

S-M: The Last Taboo By Caroline and Gerald Green. New York, Ballantine Books, 1974, 1978. First published by Grove Press, Inc., 1974. ISBN: 0-345-27160-2. 345 pages. Includes some very hot caning fiction and poetry, e.g., Harriett Marwood, Governess, in the large appendices of the book. The book makes extensive efforts to distinguish between consensual SM and violent criminal sadism.

Canes - Notes

The Rosa banksiae Alba Plena climbing rose makes excellent canes. No thorns, flexible, many diameters, tough, and many canes from established rootstock.

We have used cuttings from apricots, pomegranate, and peach trees to make some excellent switches-canes. The leaf nodules can really gouge so whittle or sand them down a bit before using to whip, or throw caution to the wind and nurse your bruises afterwards.

A short article on making rattan canes is available from SHS.

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Corporal Punishment, CP, Discipline of Miscreants, Discipline of Children, Anti-Spanking

"Getting to the Bottom of Naughtiness." By Barbara Ehrenreich. The Guardian, May 17, 1996.

The History of Corporal Punishment: A Survey of Flagellation in its Historical, Anthropological, and Sociological Aspects. By George Ryley Scott. (Ravin, c 1954. Detroit, Gale Research Co, 1974.)

Just and Painful: A Case for the Corporal Punishment of Criminals. By Graeme R. Newman. (New York, Macmillan, 1983.)

To Spank or Not To Spank: A Parents' Handbook. By John K. Rosemond. (Kansas City, Andrews and McMeel, c 1994.)

Spanking - A Shortcut to Nowhere. By Penelope Leach. Why Not to spank children. (NO CONNECTION 9/10)

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Equipment and Supplies

Vendors, Whipmakers, Leather Workers,

BDSM Equipment Suppliers

Adam and Gillian's Whips. An excellent selection of whips, straps, floggers, paddles, canes; reasonable prices; quality service. The catalog shows the instruments of pain/pleasure, descriptions and severity ratings are given for each insturment, and ordering information is provided. They offer a wide variety of colors, handle types, and types of construction materials: black patent leather, cowhide, rubber, nylon, polyethlene, rattan, horsehair, woods and leathers of all grades. Custom work possible. We have ordered by mail order for years from Adam/Gillian; and, consider their products and services outstanding. This creative and energetic twosome now also edit and publish the excellent Sandmutopian Guardian. Sir Adam's recent article, "Six of the Best: Canes and Caning," was very good.

Feelings Catalog. The Mail Order Mansion, P.O. Box 7059, Lismore Heights N.S.W. 2480, Australia. Phone (066) 295 112.

Heartwood Whips of Passion. Jannette Heartwood - Whips and Floggers. 412 N. Coast Highway, #210, Laguna Beach, CA 92651; Telephone: (714) 376-9558. Top Quality.

Hanson Paddle. Hanson Percussion Instruments, Inc., P.O. Box 085239, Racine, WI 53408-5239. Phone: 1-800-487-7959. Manufacturers of quality paddles, stingers, and straps.

Hanson Paddle1-888-HPI-PADL (474-7235).

Mr. S Leather & Fetters. A top quality San Franscisco business that offers a very wide selection of BDSM gear. Mr. S. Leather, 310 7th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Telepone: (800) 746-7677 to place an order. Custom work possible. Be sure to purchase their outstanding print catalog: great b&w photographs, male models, good product information, quality worth the price. An outstanding selection of bondage gear. A good selection of straps, canes, paddles, quirts, and floggers.

David Morgan Braided Goods Information about cracking whips used in animal control, e.g., cattlemen, herders. David Morgan also sells books about whips and whipmaking. Just talk cowboy talk on this channel, not a BDSM site.

Janet Spencer, Chateau Products. The Spencer Paddle.

RAWhips Home Page. Floggers and Cats, Single Tail Whips, and other whip styles. Information on construction and care of whips. Short list of books on whips. Rod Williams, 1980 Lincoln St., Eugene OR 97405. (541) 485 7266. E-mail:

Sarah Lashes , whipmaker, including floggers, San Francisco. Telephone: (415) 621-6048. E-mail: (NO CONNECTION (9/10)

The Stockroom. Catalog available on the Internet. Formerly J.T. Toys. The Stockroom: 4649 1/2 Russell Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027. Toll-Free: (800-755-8697). Local/International callers: (213) 666-2121. General BDSM gear. Detailed ascii.txt catalog, good descriptions of items, lower prices.

Matt Wellsby Whips. Australian Stock whips and bullwhips. Information on making stockwhips and bullwhips and reapairing same. Kangaroo hides. Just cowboy talk on this channel, not a BDSM site.

Joe Wheeler's Single Tailed Whips, 312-835-3468.

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European Scene

Mr. B Homepage. Amsterdam resources for equipment, information, etc.

The Russian Spanking and Bondage Page. In Russian. Adult Check.

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Female Top and Female Bottom

Schoolgirl Punishment Stories. Maintained by Laura Werner.

Shadow Lane videotapes, audiotapes, and publications.

S.U.E. Inc. Spanking Audiotapes and newsletter.

Wildfire: Feminine Discipline Forum. Questions and answers, commentary, tales of sessions.

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Female Top and Male Bottom

Cameo Classics FemDom Videos. SITE MOVED, NO NEW URL 10/23/98

The Governess The Journal of the Alice Kerr-Southerland Society. Irregular. Issue 6, Summer 1994. 64 pages. Short articles, letters, illustrations, b&w photos, fiction and informative articles, and some commercial ads. 6"x8.5". Comments: Demanding and confident Women administer corporal punishment to boys, girls and men. To join the AK-S Society write: The Hon. Sec., The A.K.S.S., Box 12, Hastings, East Sussex, England. The QSM Bookstore and others carry this title. [SP]

Fellowship of the Rod: 1734-1934 by Jacqueline Ophir. A.K.S.S. publication, 1994.

Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen by Alice Kerr Sutherland (1870-1939). By A Lady, most probably Alice Kerr-Sutherland. Subtitle: The Successful Administration of Physical Discipline to Males, by Females. With illustrations by a former pupil, probably Gerald Hamer - the original publisher. Reprinted from the original Private Edition of 1924. London, Delectus Books, c 1994. 113 pages. Price: $34.95 US. ISBN: 1897767 05 6. Comments: A sophisticated guide to the stylish art of Dominant Women disciplining boys and gentlemen. Lots of rules for the good and proper behavior of sumbissive boys. Rituals and techinques for effective corporal punishment. The role of Aphrodite Philomastirx, Our Lady of the Scourge, as Nurse, Mistress and Dame. In the delightful, urbane, British style. Published by A.K.S.S..

The Queen of the Grove, and Other Tales. By Louise Malatesta. Illustrations by Sardax. London, Chardmore Press, Tim Woodward Pub., LTD, c 1993. Short stories and poems about the disciplinary role of the Female as wife, mother, stepmother, schoolmistress, governess, nannies, etc.. Studies of the English "Disciplinary Woman" with whip or cane in hand. 155 pages. ISBN: 0-9518268-3-2. Printed in Great Britain.

Shadow Lane. Videotapes, audiotapes, and publications.

Janet Spencer, Chateau Products.

Sweet Retribution Publication of A.K.S.S., 1993.

Women who Administer Punishment (WhAP!). The magazine for Maternal Disciplinarians and the men who revere Them. A quarterly magazine from Retro Systems WhAP! Jane Bridges, Publisher. Keri Pentauk, Editrix. Elizabeth Sussner, Designer. P.O. Box 69491, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Phone/FAX (310) 854-1043. E-Mail: Publishers of Women Who Administer Punishment (Issues 1-9, $7.95). Producers of over 21 audiotapes ($9.95 - 12.95). They carry Berkana Press titles by Mistress Lorelei, and Modern Goddess magazine. They sell an Official WhAP Hairbrush. WhAP has reviews, short articles, advertisements, stories, letters to the editor, photos and drawings Strong emphasis upon men serving, obeying, respecting, and submitting to a Dominant Woman. Clear directions for the discipline and control of one's husband by a Dominant Woman. Discipline includes: spanking, whipping, strict behavior modification, bondage, sexual submission and slavery, petticoat and crossdressing play, position discipline (e.g., kneeling, squatting along a wall), diaper and baby play, chores for husbands, punishment, humiliation, strict slavery to a Superior Woman, alternative role playing, sissy training, obedience training, etc.. Includes both fiction and nonfiction work. Emphasis upon women dressed in casual or business attire, rather that in the Leather-Fetish styles. These Tops can lay on the leather; so, naughty boy, on your knees and Do What Mommy Says! The magazine includes ads for a variety of printed materials and erotica.

Wulfram's Home Page. Page includes galleries of graphics with F/M spanking.

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Fiction, Fantasy, Literature, Erotic Stories

Help keep the Free-Stuff Net sites in business next month by: 1) following the instructions given by the site manager-webmaster-boss, 2) not downloading stuff like a glutton on a binge, and 3) thanking the generous publishers for their public services. As for the commercial sites, help support BDSM authors, publishers, performers, and industry workers by purchasing some good products and services from them. This Usenet newsgroup has lots of posts with spanking fiction. Referred to as "a.s.s.," how appropriately.

The Alt.Sex.Spanking Story Archive. Maintained by Laura Werner. Author index to collected stories. 26 authors included.

Backdrop Club File Archives. Send an e-mail to: and HELP in the subject. Try the anonymous ftp at Backdrop at: Backdrop offers a CD with collected stories.

Bill's S/M Erotica Archive. Mostly M/M stories.

Castle Handyman's Collection of Stories. The stories of five authors are collected here.

C-Red's Collection of spanking stories from the a.s.s. newsgroup. Types: F/M, F/f, M/F, M/f.

Pink Flamingo Publications. Lizabeth Dusseau's spanking novels and other fiction have been published by Masquerade Books, as well as by CF Publications and other spanking oriented periodicals. " I now have my own line of self-published novels including the spanking fiction as well as many "Alternative" books that add to the mix, bondage, anal sexuality, female bi-sexuality and other related kinks."

FlogMaster's Stories, mostly M/F. The FlogMaster is gone??

Index of Spanking Stories. A HUGE collection of spanking stories. An FTP site. Arranged in alphabetical order with file size listed. Be sure to save this huge index file. Archives from An important collection!

The Louvre Site. According to Dave-id Huberman (9/13/96) the Louvre collection of erotic fiction is now back on-line. To contact Louvre collection send e-mail to: with the subject line header of HELP. For other information contact (Louvre Admin.).

M/M Spanking Stories. Collected by Jimka. 149 stories available. Arranged by title.

Romantic Print Novels with spanking scenes: sent us a number of titles. She/He suggests: "OK, are ya ready? - here's my list: Catherine Oulter - Devil's Daughter. Penelope Neri - Desert Captive. Heather Graham - Pirate's Pleasure, Love Not a Rebel. Johanna Lindsey - Warrior's Woman, Keeper of the Heart. Elaine Coffman - My Enemy, My Love. Catherine Creel - Texas Torment, Texas Spitfire, Captive Flame. Judith McNaught - Whitney, My Love. Jude Deveraux - Highland Velvet. Sharon Green - Sci-fi/fantasy/romances: The Terrilian Series - Warrior Within, Warrior Enchained, Warrior Rearmed, Warrior Challenged and Warrior Victorious. The Jalav - Amazon Warrior Series - Crystals of Mida, Oath to Mida, Chosen of Mida, Will of the Gods, and To Battle the Gods. Diana Santee Series - Mind Guest and Gateway to Xanadu - Lady Blade, Lord Fighter, The Rebel Prince, The Far Side of Forever. There are also spanking fantasies in Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden and Forbidden Flowers but not in the other two of her books.The first volume of Penthouse Letters has some OLD ones (the 70's), and Penthouse Variations 6/91 and 9/96 feature spanking stories of the M/F, F/M varieties. Oh, and there is an old old Harlequin romance (1979) - Anne Hampson's - To Tame a Vixen - with several spanking scenes in it but they never get to the sex part in those."

Please send us more references, we missed the a.s.s. thread on this topic.

Schoolgirl Punishment Stories. Maintained by Laura Werner.

Selections from WhaP! Magazine.

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Castle Handyman A page presented by Charles Handyman and Magdala Nikhazy.

C-Red Spanking Resource C-Red has been a leader in newsgroup, he is the maintainer of the group effort A.S.S. FAQ. A good place for spanking devotees to start their web browsing. Information, fiction, commentary at the site.

Compleat Spanker By Lady Green. Greenery Press Publications, early 1997.

Different Loving Catalog of Kink Links A comprehensive directory to the free information and documents on the Internet about BDSM. The insider coverage is very impressive. 650+ links arranged by numerous subjects. Developed by Gloria Brame, one of the authors of the landmark BDSM work "Different Loving" (Villard, 1993).

Dushi's Spanking Page Sponsored by Information arranged under subject headings: on-line talk, malls; Movies, Magazines and CD ROM; Fetish Wear, Toys, Books, Clubs, Munches and Organizations, Erotic Art, Anime; Archive, BBS, Pictures; Web Zines, Live Shows, Personal Pages, IRC Channel Home Pages, Unsorted, and Miscellaneous. Frame arrangement. One Olivia De Bernardinis graphic. Many links to general BDSM and Fetish commercial Netscape-graphics-rich web sites on the net.

Laura's Spanking Corner Collected stories, spanking questions and answers, summer story contest, kinks and links. companies, organizations, and support groups. Spanking focus. Non-commercial.

Spanking Central "For the last ten years Spanking Central has been providing information, entertainment and networking services for the spanking community. Centralizing everything that deals with Spanking. Our focus is to provide a safe and sane comfort level for ALL spankophiles- from the dedicated to the curious." Spanking Central publications: T.V.I. 847A Second Avenue Suite 319, New York, New York 10017. SITE MOVED NO NEW URL 10/23/98

Spanking U Enterprises. Audiotapes, the spanking magazine "Glowing Results" which has personal ads, phone spank. S.U.E.,Inc., 922 S. Woodbourne Road, Suite 385, Levittown, PA 19057-1902.

The Ultimate Spanking Archive. Commerical site: photos, fiction, news and information. PornoPass Verification.

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History, Anthropology,

Sociology, Cultural Studies, Myth

The English Vice: Beating, Sex and Shame in Victorian England and After. By I. Gibson. (London, Duckworth, 1979.)

Fascinating Facts by Colin Farrell. Many articles on CP in history.

The First Masochist: A Biography of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. By James Cleugh. (London, Anthony Bond, 1967.) A man who enjoyed being whipped.

The History of Corporal Punishment: A Survey of Flagellation in its Historical, Anthropological, and Sociological Aspects. By George Ryley Scott. (Ravin, c 1954. Detroit, Gale Research Co, 1974.)

Historical Sources.

S-M: The Last Taboo. By Gerald and Caroline Green. (New York, Grove Press, c 1974.)

Spanking Terms in Other Languages.

A Treatise of the Use of Flogging. By J.H. Meibomius. 1761.

See also below under the category: Rites, Rituals, Ancient Customs.

Authors that have written about erotic or sadistic flagellation:

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Information, FAQs, Indexes

Pointers, Search Engines, Research Tools, Bibliographies FAQ Posted to .bondage by Rob Jellinghaus.

Questions and Answers about Spanking by Laura Werner.

The Society for Human Sexuality at the University of Washington. Many nonfiction articles on spanking, caning, BDSM, and fetishes.

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Instructional, How-To, Introduction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Different Loving: An Exploration of the World of Sexual Dominance and Submission. By Gloria G. Brame, William D. Brame, and Jon Jacobs. New York: Villard Books, Random House, c 1993. 539 pages, bibliography, notes. ISBN: 0-679-40873-8. Price: $25.00 US. Comments: A first rate work! A well organized survey of all the main dimensions of SM D/s. Informative, accurate, and insightful commentary. Sound historical observations. An outstanding collection of interviews with active participants in the scene. Many heterosexual couples are featured. Read Section Three: The Pleasures of Discomfort (pp. 187-296.) Glory's Different Loving Catalog of Kink Links is one of the best!!

Mistress Ona Zee's "Learning the Ropes" How-to instruction on 10 videotapes.

Questions and Answers about Spanking by Laura Werner.

The SandMUtopia Guardian The Sandmutopia Guardian & Dungeon Journal. A quarterly magazine, Published by: The Utopia Network, P.O. Box 1146, New York, New York 10156, (516) 842-1711 and FAX (516) 842-7518, Internet In 1995, Mitch Kessler and Gerrie Blum took over this publication. Black and white photographs, essays, informative articles, interviews, ads, classified ads, drawings, resource guides, bibliographies, and illustrations. Pan-sexual SM D/s emphasis. Formerly (pre 1995) published by Desmodus, Inc., San Fransicso, CA. Former publisher Anthony F. DeBlase aka Fledermaus. Managing editor Fledermaus, Joseph W. Bean. Editor Carol Truscott. In October, 1992 the new publisher is Martijn Bakker; and the new editor is Victoria Baker. In 1994, the editor was Pat Califia. The famous older brother gay SM publication of the SG is "Dungeon Master, " later incorporated into "Checkmate." These magazines have printed excellent detailed articles on caning, whipping, flogging, beating, etc., by real authorities on the subjects.

To Serve A large collection of articles on a variety of BDSM topics, including spanking.

SM 101: A Realistic Introduction By Jay Wiseman. A spiralbound text. c 1992. 244 pages. Price: $24.95 US. References, resources, glossary. Comments: An excellent guide to the basic concepts, psychological aspects, social concerns, techniques, safety, a tools of erotic SM D/s. Good information on spanking techniques. I am looking for the new editon of Jay's work to read.

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Instructional - Notes

Be reasonable, be safe, be willing to learn as you explore the realms of erotic spanking and flagellation with your consenting adult partner. Don't hit others when you are angry, upset, disappointed, judgmental, sad, or tired. When both adults are refreshed, healthy, happy, playful, and ready to give and take and share erotic pleasure, then is the time to open the toy chest with the implements we masochists so treasure.

Safe whipping involves a number of factors: 1) the type of implement used, 2) the force of the strike and the number of strikes, 3) the technique of striking, 4) the location of the strike on the body of the spankee, 5) the musculature, pain tolerance, masochistic swoon level, and will of the spankee, 6) the adherence to safe-sane-consent BDSM rules, and 6) the musculature, experience and will of the spanker.

Generally, for safety, areas of the body with deeper layers of muscle and fat and flesh are the favored locations for the strike: buttocks, sides of upper thighs, muscular back-shoulder, etc.. Avoid any hard strikes on areas near any joints, over vital organs, and on areas were the flesh is inadequate to protect blood vessels, nerves, tendons, e.g., on the lower back over the kidneys, behind the knees, stomach, head, genitals, the female breasts, etc..

Each instrument has an area of acceptable safe use depending on the force of the strike, for examples: a heavy wooden paddle is realistically for use on the big-ass only, a small multi-tassled leather flogger might be OK for the genitals if used with light to mild force, a flexible crop could be applied to a variety of areas on the body if it is more lightly applied, a leather strap might be OK for the upper back of a strong person if the striking force is moderate, a hand can be used with various levels of force on the bare butt, or a true cane might best be left for use on the ass and upper outer thighs. Some of the most popular erotic spanking implements include: bare hand, light paddle, hairbrush, belt, and cane.

Spankers need to know their tools, practice their aim, be aware of the spankee's ability to take a whipping, control their application of force, understand the scenario action and script requirements, and know where not to strike. Spanking sounds like hard work, a variant of erotic massage? Yes. That is another reason why a good Top can attract and command a diligent and reliable submissive.

For more instructions on safe whipping techniques read the informative document "An Introduction to Flogging." A very informative article on safe whipping techniques is "Body Beating Basics" by Tony DeBlase. Found in Dungeon Master (Issue 47, 1994, pp. 7-19, photos).

Top and bottom players in a spanking session need to discuss desires and preferences before they begin the scene. At what level of experience are the players? Start fast or start slowly? What kind of time do the players have? What are the Top's needs and comfort zone? Does the submissive want verbal exchanges that support some type of punishment, bad adult-child, misbehavior correction, CP or discipline scenario? What kind of instruments are preferred, what kind are very undesirable? Where does the masochist want to be whipped? How hard of a strike? What bodily position of the submissive is desired? Does the bottom want marks? How long should the marks last? How many strikes? Counting out strokes while being whipped? What safe word indiciates that immediate stopping is needed, what word indicates a green light for more spanking action? Does the bottom want to be bound while being whipped? As with any kind of sexual behavior, the partners need to communicate their needs, negotiate, and plan ahead. Once the spanking formalities and etiquette are agreeably arranged, the enthusiastic participants can enjoy themselves.

So, take a deep breath, step up to and grasp the post, squat a little, thrust your butt out, wait, and deeply enjoy your lover's administration of these stunning delights: THWacK! THWacK! THWacK!!! THWacK! THWacK! ThwackkK!!! .....
"Keep your posture correct, slave." ..... She gently kissed me on the cheek. Then She stepped back, raised up the thick double leather strap, held Her arm high, and ..... THWacK!!! THWacK!!! THWacK!..... ThwackkK!!! ....... "Yes, Mistress, Thank You Mistress!"

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IRC, Chat Groups, Forums

#bdsm. The #bdsm IRC channel Home Page. Spanking just one topic here.

#BDSM.EU. The EFnet #BDSM.EU Channel Home Page. The European BDSM Channel. Spanking just one topic here.

#otk. The #otk IRC channel Home Page.

possible Spanking and/or BDSM channels: #ThePalace, #bondage, #d&s, #gaysm, #desade, #kinkysex.

IRC Guides

Chateau Royale - DalNet IRC

#Femdom IRC Home Page. This site also includes links to a number of very useful Femdom articles written by Ms. Margo and others, guides to using #Femdom IRC and BDSM Forums, references to IRC FAQs, and related information. Developed by Dee-Ann LeBlanc.

Internet Relay Chat - General Information FAQ.

Ds Kiosk: IRC Ds Event Schedule and Resource Center. Information on BDSM irc channels, happenings, and resources. Bulletin board, files of discussions, articles, link lists. Excellent starting place for BDSM irc. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - IRC Section.

Dushi's Spanking Page - IRC Section

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Legal Issues, Law, Rights

Posts on Usenet About the Legality of Spanking.

Sadomasochism: Painful Perversion or Pleasurable Play? By Bill Thompson. (London, Cassell, Villiers House, c 1994.) An important contribution by a criminologist from Reading University, England, who specialized in sexual morals and crime. A strong defense of our right to practice BDSM without useless and expensive government harassment.

Refer above to the heading: Corporal Punishment.

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Mail Lists

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Male Top and Female Bottom

Bernie's Spanking Page Photos.

California Star: "Presents the Best in Classic Bondage, Spanking, Tickling, and English Discipline Videos."

Pink Flamingo Publications. Lizabeth Dusseau's fiction.

Nell in Bridewell. Describes severe judicial CP in Germany during the last century. Mostly M/F.

Red Board Video.

Shadow Lane. Videotapes, audiotapes, and publications.

The Red Cheeks DungeonM/F pictures and stories.

A Taste For Pain: On Masochism and Female Sexuality. By Maria Marcus. Translated from the Danish by Joan Tate. New York, St. Martin's Press, 1981. 267 pages. ISBN: 0-312-78619-0. Comments: A autobiographical work on the feelings, thoughts, inner understanding, and lifestyle issues facing a masochistic woman who is also a serious feminist. Set in the European scene.

"An Unlikely Obsession" by Daphne Merkin. Found in New Yorker , women's issue, (Feb 26 - March 4, 1996).

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Male Top and Male Bottom

Bare Ass Spanking. A brief page on M/M. Videos available for sale.

Beta Alpha Sigma. An international cyberfraternity for M/M spanking and the corollary psychological and erotic enjoyment it brings.

Bill's S/M Erotica Archive. Mostly M/M. Authors such as Bill Beaupre, Crispin, Ionus, Sisyphus, etc.

Christian Martyrs. [Lost Link: 12/26/96]

Colin Farrell's World Corporal Punishment Research Website

Crispin's Spanking Home Page.Adult Check ID Verification.

Gay Male S/M Activists.

Indulgent Arts - The Backline. Spanking reviews by Jason

Manic Productions FTP Site [Closed: 11/30/96). Hardcore M/M whipping photos, for the extremely intense aspects of the BDSM scene. Not for newbies! Edgy-squicky.

Man's Hand Films.

The Master's Manual: A Handbook of Erotic Dominance by Jack Rinella (Daedalus Publishing, 1994).

Indulgent Arts - The Back Line. Commentary and video reviews on M/M spanking by Jason.

M/M Spanking in Europe. A brief list of revelant links.

M/M Spanking Stories. Collected by Jimka. 149 stories available. Arranged by title.

S/M Stuff. M/M, CP, gay.

Sir! More Sir! The Joy of S&Mby Master Jackson. (Leland Publications, 1992). Chapter 7 on 'Torture in History', and Chapter 10 on 'Hot Whips on Naked Asses' should get most people going.

M/M Spanking Page. From Khashka: with pictures, stories, wav files, and avi files. Adult Check required. [Lost Link: 12/26/96]

Adult Male Video TPG VIdeo Spanking Wrestling. M/M Spanking videos. Former URL for Santa Barbara Paddle Company.

Torture. [Lost Link: 12/26/96]

The Woodshed. Pictures, stories, wav files, and avi files. Adult Check access control. [Lost Link: 12/26/96]

Woodshed Wanders Newsletters. By Merrill. Whipping pleasures in the outdoors and in outbuildings.

Gay Spanking. Featuring FREE personal ads.

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Newsgroups A heavy volume of posts to this Usenet newsgroup. True stories, commentary, discussions, and hot spanking fiction. Please post graphics to Please post personal ads to alt.personals.spanking

Newsgroups where Spanking or Whipping has been discussed:

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Newsletters, E-Zines, Serials

Dungeon Online Newsletter.

Redemption. A BDSM zine by Mistress Xandria.

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Organizations, Clubs, Support Groups

See also the list of organizations and clubs in the BDSM Links List.(Now online on this site) Many of these organizations have offered classes and demonstrations on spanking/whipping, and some have published articles in there newsletters and publications, e.g., Promethues (TES), Sandmutopian Guardian, Society of Janus, Threshold.

Crimson Moon Chicago area groups. Still the Society of Spanking Friends - with a new name.

The Northeast Erotic Spanking Society.

Shadow Lane Los Angeles area groups.

Some Spanking Clubs - A List.

The SWAT Team Directory of Participants.

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O.T.K., Over the Knee Spanking

Mr. Tim's Over the Knee Spanking Page. [Lost Link: 12/26/96] MrTim tells his story of being kicked out by his ISP.

Many publishers, listed elsewhere in this document, carry titles that feature OTK spanking: Bottoms Up, CF Publications, Dominatrix Domain, Ma'am, International Discipline Review, NU-West Discipline Review, The World of NU-West, Shadow Lane, etc. Shadow Lane even hosts OTK parties.

The Spanker's Guide To The Galaxy Web Site. Links, guest book, pictures, and comments.

Surf the Net Spanking Page.

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Paddles Magazine. Write to: Clare Gordon, P. O. Box 524, Milsons Point, N S W, 2061 Australia. E-Mail to: Monthly, 40-50 pages, quality production on art paper. M/F, F/F, and F/M stories, artwork, scene news, personals section, letters to the editor, ads for products and services. $54.00 for 6 months. Telephone: (02) 9955 1339. Active in organizing well attended pansexual spanking socials in the Sydney area; check out their Paddles Club.

There is a long tradition of paddling rituals in male college fraternities. Please refer to the above listed subject heading: Male Top and Male Bottom. Bound and Gagged Magazine is a high quality M/M bondage magazine that offers videos with BDSM paddling scenes. Produced by Outbound Press which also publishes "Pledges and Paddles" (#3, 1996).


Shadow Lane is a superior publisher of OTK paddling magazines, audiotapes, and videos.

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"Pleasure Not Panic: The Art of Welcoming Pain," by Joseph Bean. Found in Sandmutopian Guardian (Issue 11, 1993, pp. 7-11).

"On Pain" by Lady Green. Found in Bitches With Whips (Vol 1. No. 3, 1993, pp. 42-44,57).

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Personal "Home" Pages, Purely Personals

Chris's Home Page in both English and German.


Print Publications: Magazines, Newsletters, Books

The Art of Discipline: A Pictorial History of the Smaked Bottom. Produced by the AKS (Alice Kerr Southerland Society). Art Books, AKS, Box 12, Hastings, East Sussex, TN355OU, England. Over 600 illustrations in this collection of spanking artwork. Images by Louis Malteste, G. Topfer, Jim Black, Beloti, Dagy, and dozens of other artists. We are eager to purchase and review this promising new title. Anyone know if AKS has a new WWW page?

Bottoms Up A spanking newsletter by Sheila Preston. Monthly at $14.95. FullMoon Publications, P.O. Box 810673, Farmers Branch, TX 75381. For more information send email to:

California Star, Cal Star Direct, and Wes-Tel International, Inc.. Distributors of spanking magazines and videos. A source or such magazines as Blushes, Janus, Roue, Supplements, Domestic Discipline Digest, Fessee, Martinet, Spanking Letters, Justice, and Uniform Girls.

CF Publications, Box 706EU, E. Setauket, NY 11733. Phone: (516) 689-6743, and FAX at (516) 689-6755. Publishers of spanking erotica, spanking magazines, bibliographies of spanking in novels, filmographies of spanking in movies, etc.. Over 600 spanking stories available. Visit CF Publications [Lost Link: 12/26/96].

The Domestic Discipline Digest, Diamond Distribution PO Box 1813 Southgate MI 48195.

Februs. B&W and color photos, F/F and M/F emphasis, $15.00 per issue, stories, glossy quality. Reprints from Janus publications available from Februs. Available from Hot Pink.

Paddles Magazine.

Parramatta Book Exchange, 210 Church St. Rarramatta 2150 Australia, phone: (02) 9635-9982. Offers many spanking magagaines: Janus, Februs, Uniform Girls, Saphire, Blushes, Pleasure Bound, etc..

Quality SM Bookstore (QSM) Over 500 books and magazines available through their excellent mail order service. QSM sponsors lectures and seminars. Their catalog is a must for BDSM enthusiasts.

Some Bizarre. SB Publishing Ltd., P.O. Box 28, Stockton-On-Tees, TS21 U.K.. Strong F/M and F/F emphasis in numersous publications.

Thy Rod and Thy Staff By Edward Anthony. British Books, 323 pages. British.Books@American.Prices

The Romance of Chastisement Facsimile edition published by Delectus Books, London, England, c1993. "The Romance of Chastisement or, Revelations of School and Bedroom, by an Expert." ISBN: 1-897767-15-3. 150 pages. Hardcover, $34.95 US. A reprint of a 1876 collection of short stories, poetry, and high praises to the art of flagellation in the bedroom and schoolroom. Swinburne would have cheered these revelations and romantic visions of the delights of the birch rod. For those intermediate and advanced SM people that enjoy the Mid-Victorian style.

Spank Hard.

Spanking Central Magazine SITE MOVED, NO NEW URL 10/23/98

Irregular Issues, Single Issue Runs, Series Issues, or Unknown Publications List: Best of Domestic Discipline Digest, Best of Oh!, Blushes Magazine, Camera Art, Chastise, Fessee, A Good Spanking, Hot Cheeks, Justice, Over the Knee Spanking (See Spank Hard), Roue, Smart Asses, Spanking Adventures, The Spanke Shoppe, Spankasm, Swat, and Swish.

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Psychology, Psychiatry, Surveys

Sigmund Freud, "A Child is Being Beaten," The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works, translated by James Strachey (London: Hogarth Press) vol. 17, pp.175-204.

Sadismus, Masochismus, Flagellantismus By Waltern Braun. Flensburg, 4. Aufl. 1989: Orion. TB, 224 S., DM 24,- . Originally: The Cruel and the Meek. London 1968: Luxor Press.

Kink Aware Professionals

Spanking Survey Report Survey conducted on a.s.s. newsgroup in 11/96.

See also the categories in this Bookmark: Information and Instruction.

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Rites, Rituals, Celebrations, Ancient Customs, Religion

"The Festival of Lupercalia" in SandmutopianGuardian (Issue 20, 1996, p.5) Cover art features a Lupercal scene. Roman holiday on February 15th with fun, nakedness, and whipping. Banned by Catholic Pope in 496 A.D. Hands up Ladies!

Analysis of the Flagellant's Movement in mid 13th century Europe found in The Pursuit of the Millennium (New York: Oxford University Press, 1957, rev. 1970, frequently reprinted), pp.127-147.

Holy Week festivals in the Phillipines Flagellation Displays.

Masochism: a Jungian View.By Lyn Cowan.

Ritual Sex. Edited by Tristan Taormino and David Aaron Clark. Rhinoceros, 1996.

The Service of Mankind Church uses some flagellation rituals (F/M) as part of a recreation of ancient practices of worship of Darkside Goddess, Kali. Order the The Essemian Way at P.O. Box 1335, El Cerrito, CA 94530. Also, try: Service of Mankind Church

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"Beating I: Using Your Hands" and "Body Beating Basics" both by Tony DeBlase. Found in Dungeon Master (Issue 47, 1994, pp. 7-19, photos). A very informative article.

Bottom Lines by Andrew H. Swinburne. Published by Greenery Press.

"Bottoms Up! A Look at Spanking Positions, by Anonymous. Found in Sandmutopian Guardian (Issue #19, 1995, pp.14-16, 29).

The Compleat Spanker by Lady Green. Published by Greenery Press.

Paddles Magazine.

Shadow Lane. Videotapes, audiotapes, and publications.

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Truncheons, Beating, Rubber Hoses, Fists

"Truncheons: Beating for a Bruising" by Tony DeBlase. Found in Sandmutopian Guardian (Number 48, c 1994, pp.14-16, photographs).

"Beating I: Using Your Hands" and "Body Beating Basics" both by Tony DeBlase. Found in Dungeon Master (Issue 47, 1994, pp. 7-19, photographs).

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British spanking videos.

California Star: "Presents the Best in Classic Bondage, Spanking, Tickling, and English Discipline Videos."

Catalog of Fetish Videos

KW Enterprises, 89 Fifth Ave., Ste. 803, New York, NY 10003-3020. M/M Spanking videos.

Leda Female Dominant videos. Leda Productions, PO Box 632, San Marcos, CA 92079-0632. F/M spanking videos. Some really heavy discipline featured, by Top Women that know how to discipline naughty fellows.

Masta Entertainment, Video Catalog, 1996. Over 350 titles offered. M/M BDSM emphasis. P.O. Box 411050, San Francisco, CA 94141. Phone: 1-800-99MASTA.

Magnum Page - European Videos

Mistress Ona Zee's "Learning the Ropes" Chapter 1 is on spanking, and Chapter 4 on whipping. Informative, comfortable for newbies.

Male-Male Spanking Videos

Man's Hand Films.

Raven Hill Studios Spanking Site

Shadow Lane. Videotapes, audiotapes, and publications.

Spanking In Films - A Bibliography and Index.

Gay male BDSM including M/M whipping videos are available from a variety of producers such as: Apollo, Can-AM, Close Up, Control T, Desmodus, Falcon, Filmco, Grapik Arts, Hot House, Bob Jones, Marathon, Palm Drive, Pig Play, Russo, Tom of Finland, Zeus. These video producers have made hundreds of hard core gay BDSM videotapes. Most feature some spanking/whipping, and some have scenes of severe flagellation. The tapes are available from a variety of sources. The Masta Entertainment Video Catalog, for example, provides information on over 300 video titles of this type (Masta Entertainment, P.O. B. 411050, San Francisco, CA 94141, 1-800-99-MASTA, $13.00). Or try calling (415) 252-1198.

TPG VIdeo. M/M Spanking videos.

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Whipping, Whips, Strapping

"Choosing Whips: A Compendium of Uncommon Knowledge" by Joseph W. Bean. Found in Sandmutopia Guardian (Issue 12, 1993, pp. 6-10, includes photographs).

Eros - The Meaning of My Life. By Edith Cadivec. 1932, Blue Moon 1995.

"An Introduction to Flogging." Produced by the Society for Human Sexuality at the University of Washington. Copyright 1995 by the Society for Human Sexuality. Revision 1.1, January 4, 1996.

Leather Braiding and The Encyclopedia of Leather and Rawhide Braiding by Bruce Grant (Cornell Maritime Press).

David Morgan Whips David Morgan also sells books about whips and whipmaking: Whips and Whipmaking by David Morgan (Cornell Maritime Press).

Shadow Lane. Videotapes, audiotapes, and publications.

Matt Welsby's The site also has whipmaking instructions and kits.

Ms. Jennifer Brooks. Publisher of videos, magazines, photos and audiocassettes. Brooks Applications, P.O. Box 675750, Dept. 10, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067-5750. Publisher of Behind the Scene With Jennifer Brooks.

Slakker's Information and Instructions about Flogging, Whipping and Spanking. Basic instructions and techniques now incorporated into the Deviants' Dictionary site.

Whipmaking: A Beginner's Guide. by Dennis Rush, Meta Publishers.

"Whip Massage" by Peter Fiske. Found in the Dungeon Training Center section of the magazine Dungeon Master (Issue 49, 1994, pp. 19-21, photographs).

Whips and Whipmaking by David Morgan (Cornell Maritime Press).

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Workbench, Unclassified, New Entries


is an online motorcycle superstore, whose helmets and

other safety gear might well be of interest 

Young Car Driver is a guide to driving 

for inexperienced road users, with lots of safety advice,

buying guides, driving test tips, and so on.


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Protect your good health and the health of others by practicing safe sex. Support free speech on the Internet.

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