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Ever since I was 12 and was abused by a relative I have wanted to dominate a man. I was very eager to dominate a politician since I had such a dislike for them. They were so pompous and arrogant. I wanted for once to bring them to their knees literally. I never thought I would get the chance until I got a phone call one day from a very good friend of mine that worked for the Democratic Party. I was sitting at my computer working on a new story when the phone rang.

"Hi Tracy, this is Gina."

"Well hi Gina, it has been a long time since I have heard from you. How have you been doing?"

"Oh I am doing pretty good. I am now a chairperson for the Democratic Party. I do soliciting for funds for the various politicians running for office."

"I have always wondered how these rich bastards got their money. I guess they do not want to use their own funds to get where they are going do they?"

"You are right Tracy. Why should they use their own money when they can harass it out of other people. It is a job but there are times when I wish I was in some other line of work. I sometimes feel like I am a beggar."

"I sure think I would feel like a beggar if that was me. Hey is there anything special I can do for you?"

"No, Tracy it is what I can do for you."

"What's that? You now have my curiosity up."

"Do you remember way back when you told me you would like to dominate a man especially a politician?"

"Boy, would I. There is nothing I would like better at this time. I was beginning to believe it would never happen."

"Well Tracy my love I have someone who is very interested in meeting you. I told him about you being one of the best Mistresses I have ever met."

"Who is it? Can you tell me his name?"

She told me his name. I could not believe who it was. He is one of the most powerful politicians in the country.

"Tracy what I need to know is what would your terms be? What would you want in exchange for bringing him to his knees?"

"Gina? Can you give me your phone number and I will call you right back with my answer? I should think on this before I tell you what I want. Is that ok?

I hung the phone up and paced the floor. I had to make this man pay dearly for my services. I figured out what I wanted and called Gina back.

"Gina? I have decided what I want from him. Do you have a paper and pen handy?"

"Yes I do. Go ahead whenever you are ready."

"Number 1. I want $10,000 paid to me in cash. He can send this to me by overnight express mail."

"Don't you think this is a little hi Tracy?"

"No, if he wants the services of Mistress Tracy, he must pay for it. Besides, you and I both know he has money to burn."

"Yes, I guess you are right about that. What else do you want?

"Number two. I want a first class round trip ticket by Delta from San Francisco to Honolulu, Hawaii. I always fly with Delta."

"And what else do you want?"

"I want an all expense paid vacation for two weeks in Hawaii. I want to stay in the best hotel and I want a generous spending allowance while there in addition to the other. If he is willing to go by what I want then my services are his. Oh by the way. I want him on the same flight as mine and also in the seat next to mine. Have you got this all written down?"

"Yes I do Tracy. He is suppose to call me in the morning. I will give him the terms you want to go by. I will give you a call as soon as I talk to him."

"By the way Gina. If he agrees to this I want all of this by next Monday or the deal is null and void. Please tell him this. I want proof the hotel room has been reserved. I want the plane tickets and the money in hand by then. If not, he loses."

"You sure run a hard bargain but I will tell him. By the way, what are you going to do to him?"

"I can not tell you it would ruin the surprise for him. I do not want to take the chance of him finding out before I do it. I guess you can understand this can't you?

"Oh Ok. I guess you are right about that. I do have a bad habit of letting the cat out of the bag before hand."

"I promise you this Gina. After it is all over with I will tell you everything that happens and that my dear is a promise."

"Good enough, I will call you in the morning after I talk to him."

"Good enough. I will be home until about 11 my time so please try to call before then ok?"

"Ok I will talk to you in the morning. Have a good night sleep."

"Night, I will be waiting to hear from you."

I hung up the phone. I had to form a plan for this politician that would degrade and humiliate him so bad he would be sorry he ever made a deal with me.

I finished the chapter I was working on and went to bed. I had some plans to make for my soon to be wimp of a politician. I received a call from Gina early the next morning.

"Good morning Tracy. I have some news for you."

"Well is it good news or bad news? I am dying to hear what he said when you told him what I wanted."

"Well at first, he said he thought the price was way too high but it did not take much encouragement from me to convince him it would all be worth it. He kept asking me what you planned on doing to him. I am glad you did not tell me because I would more than likely have told him if I had known. I guess you know me pretty well don't you?"

"Yes Gina. I do know you pretty well. I can remember some times when you could not keep a secret. I am very glad I did not tell you because now I know it will all be a total surprise for him. When is he supposed to send the money to me? Did he say?"

"That is one thing I have to talk to you about. He wants to pay you half now and the other half when you board the plane. Is that ok with you?"

"Well I guess that is only fair. When would he send the half?"

"He said if you are agreeable he would send you half today and then when you are on the plane he will pay you the rest."

"You can tell him I am agreeable to that as long as he keeps his word."

" Ok then. I will call him when we hang up. You will also receive your tickets and the rest of the stuff by next Monday. He wants to do this the following Friday. Is that ok?"

"I will have to check Gina but I am pretty sure my calendar is clear then and for the next two weeks. I have some clients in Hawaii that are begging to serve me. I will have a full two weeks there."

"My aren't you a busy little beaver. Some day you are going to have to tell me all about this Mistress thing you are into. I am not sure it is for me but it would be interesting to know how you handle it." "Ok Gina I sure will. I guess I need to get off this phone and get some things done before my adventure with my so called politician. Let me know if he should have any problems with this."

"I sure will and good luck. I think you are going to enjoy this very much."

"I know I will Gina and I am definitely looking forward to it more than I can ever say. Bye for now and thanks."

After we hung up I sat down to figure out what I was going to do on the plane trip. It would be a jumbo jet that is what I wanted. Whatever I was going to do had to be done on the plane. I knew when we hit land the man and I would become strangers. It would not benefit him in the least to be connected with me.

I spent a couple of hours going through all my equipment. I had to see what I could possibly fit into a large handbag. I needed handcuffs, a small whip and some nipple clamps. There would be no problem with the clamps or the handcuffs except for getting them through security at the gate. I had a lawyer friend who told me how he managed to smuggle a handgun through security every time he flew. I thought maybe it might work on the handcuffs. He told me he wrapped his gun in rubber bands. The gun was completely coated in layers of rubber bands. He never did have a problem of getting it through security. I knew I would have to make a trip to the store and buy me some because I could not find that many in the house.

I soon tired of the planning and going through my stuff and retired to bed. I had some busy days ahead of me and there was no use in me tiring myself out at this time.

The next morning Gina called me again.

"Tracy I was told to tell you that Mr. Big will be in disguise when he boards the plane. He is so afraid someone will recognize him and his career will be all over."

I had to laugh. What kind of disguise would he possibly be able to come up with that would conceal his identity? "Pray tell Gina. What kind of disguise is he going to wear?' I was giggling so hard I could hardly talk.

"He said he would be dressed like a tourist instead of a business man. He will have on shorts, flowered shirt, hat, sandals and he will be wearing a toupee."

"Oh no! A toupee." I pictured Mr. Big in my mind. He was about 5ft 11inches. He was bald on top. He had a mustache, and from what I could see in a colored photo of him he had hazel eyes. I think he must have weighed close to 220 and had a stomach. I could just imagine him in a toupee.

"Tracy are you there? Are you still with me?

I had to bring myself back to the present. "Yes I am still here. I was just trying to figure how he would look in his disguise."

"I have to go now. He wanted me to call and let you know in case you had trouble recognizing him. I don't think you will though do you?"

"Not a chance Gina, not a chance. Besides he will be sitting right next to me so how could I possibly miss him?"

I had just hung up the phone when the doorbell rang. It was the overnight delivery service. I was handed a small envelope and had to sign for it. After the man left I leaned against the door to open the envelope. Inside was 5 1000 dollar bills. I kissed the money and danced around the room. I was happy as a lark. It was going to be the easiest money I had every earned. "Smack. Thank you Mr. Big. It will be my pleasure to bring you to your knees."

The next week seemed to fly by. I had several clients to get in touch with in Hawaii. When I first started getting in contact with them it was done mostly over the phone. They would call me and beg me to degrade them. It was always a cash up front deal. I gave most of them a PO box number where they could send me their generous contribution. After the checks had cleared they would call me on their own line and let me order them around and to give them instructions as to what I wanted them to do. Most of them were very surprised to hear I was coming to Hawaii and that they would finally get to see me in person. They all begged to be the first one I would see. I told them all they would be the first one I would see. There was a charge for this of course. None of them ever argued with me about the cost. They informed me it was a pleasure on their part to be able to pay me generously for my time.

My ticket and reservations for the hotel arrived right on schedule that following Monday. My hotel was paid for in full for two weeks. I was also given a $2000.00 credit limit at the hotel. What money I did not use was to be given to me at the end of the two weeks. "I can handle this." I told myself. I knew I would also have the other $5000.00 on hand in case I needed anymore money for my trip. I knew I would not need it because of the clients I would be seeing while there.

I spent the rest of the week packing for my trip. I had so many phone calls from the other people in Hawaii I finally had to let the answering machine pick up my calls. I would only answer the calls from my friends in San Francisco.

My flight on Friday was scheduled to leave at 11:05. I was glad it was not an early flight. I was not an early riser. I had all my things packed and ready to go the night before. The handcuffs were wrapped in layer after layer of rubber bands. I could not risk being caught going through security. I would not know how to explain them for one thing. I could see it all now. "And Miss what are these handcuffs for?" I would look at them and stutter I knew. "I am a Mistress." I would tell them and I knew I would spend the next few hours explaining exactly what a mistress was.

The day of my departure the cab arrived at my condo around 9:00 A.M. It was an hours drive to the airport. I was dressed as I usually am when I fly. I love feminine attire rather than leather. I had on a short mauve mini-skirt, white almost sheer blouse, a bra that barely covered my ample breasts, no nylons and a pair of sandals.

I wore a pair of white sheer undies that barely covered my mound. You could see the dark hairs of my bush on each side. I wanted Mr. Big to be able to see what he would not be getting while I had him on his knees. I put a short jacket over my blouse so that I was decently covered until the proper time.

We arrived at the airport 5 minutes ahead of schedule. When I was checking my baggage I looked around to see if I could find my male companion for this trip. I did not see anyone that even closely resembled him. "I believe I have been stood up." I told myself. I was becoming irritated but then I thought to myself. "I have no reason to be upset because everything has already been taken care of in Hawaii." Thinking this calmed me down.

After checking in I went to the coffee shop located near my departing gate to get me come cappuccino. I still did not see anyone closely resembling him. "He must have picked a heck of a disguise." There was always the thought he may arrive late so he would have less of a chance of being recognized.

The plane was to board 15 minutes before take off. I got my coffee and went to find my departing gate. They were boarding first- class passengers when I arrived. I still saw no one resembling him. I found my seat and settled in for my long trip to Hawaii. I had a window seat. I could never figure that one. I am terrified of heights and here I was always sitting at the window. One reason of logic for me was if a hole ever developed in an airplane being by the window I was less likely of being sucked out of the plane.

Right before they shut the door to seal it a man came rushing in. Mr. Big. I could not believe the way he was dressed. He was dressed like a typical tourist. He had on one of those wild flower shirts, tan shorts, white tennis shoes and white socks. He sure was not inconspicuous. When my eyes traveled to his head I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. He was wearing a toupee and one of those straw hats' tourists sometimes wear. Weirdest thing I had ever seen.

He stowed his baggage in the overhead compartment and sat down beside me. I could tell right away he was nervous and he still had not bothered to look in my direction. It took him forever to get his seat belt fastened.

"Do you need some help with your belt?" I asked him.

All he could do was nod his head. I reached around him making sure our bodies touched and that my hand casually touched the front of his pants. He jumped in his seat as if an electric current was going through his body. I got his belt fastened and sat back in my seat as if nothing happened

I did not make my move for quite a while. We had a little unfinished business. The business was $5000.00. He made no move to take care of that end. After we had been in the air for almost an hour he passed a book to me and told me I should read page 200. I opened the book and leafed through the pages until I got to page 200.

Tucked inside I found the other money he was to give me. I had written a note to him telling him what he was to do. I carefully took the money out making sure no one was watching me. I stuck the note in the same place and handed it back to him. My instructions were this. I was going to go to the back bathroom where very few people were sitting. I would enter the bathroom and he was to give me at least 5 mins. When the 5 mins were up he was to come back and tap on the door twice. I was not going to lock the door because the occupied sign would come on. It would be locked after he entered. He nodded his head in agreement.

When the plane leveled out I got up from my seat and made my way to the back of the plane. I was glad most of the seats in the back were empty. This would make my plan go smoother. When I entered the bathroom I made sure the door did not lock. I sat on the toilet and arranged my skirt where he could see all the way up to my snatch. I removed the jacket I was wearing so he could see through my blouse which revealed most of my breasts. Within 5 mins I heard two light taps on the door. "Come in." I replied. He opened the door timidly and peeked in. When he saw my legs he entered and made sure the door was locked behind him. He was shaking. I don't know if it was from excitement or fear. After all if he was caught in this situation I do not know what would happen to his career.

"First thing I want you to do is to remove your shirt."

He reluctantly removed his shirt. "Yes Mistress. Is there anything else you want me to do?"

"I would like for you to remove your hat and the toupee you have on."

He removed his hat and toupee sitting it on the small counter of the bathroom.

I noticed with just those small orders he was developing a slight bulge in the front of his pants. I decided to let him leave his shorts on and I had a reason for that.

"Come here and turn with your back to me."

He turned around and backed up to where I was sitting.

"Put your hands behind your back."

"Yes Mistress." I reached into my purse removing the pair of handcuffs I brought with me. I put on one and then the other.

"Is this necessary?" He asked me.

"Never ever question what I tell you to do. Is that understood?"

He lowered his head. "Yes Mistress I will not do it again."

"Now I want you to turn around and get down on your knees." Obediently he did as commanded. I put one foot on his knee.

"First think I want you to do is to remove my sandals. Then I want you to worship my feet.". If you do not do it right I will lash your back with my whip. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress I understand." He picked one foot then the other to remove my sandals.

"Good boy, now I want you to lick my toes. I want you to be gentle. Understood?

"Suck those toes slave. I want you to worship them." He took my big toe in his mouth and sucked it deep into his throat. I put my other foot against his crotch and slowly ran it over the front of his shorts. This got to him.

"Oh yes Mistress, I love that."

"Lick the bottom of my feet. Do it as if my feet were made of the finest of gems. Slowly and with great care."

He licked my foot from the front to the back. I continued to run my foot over the front of his shorts. He was becoming more excited all the time and was having a hard time concentrating on what he was doing. I got the small whip I always carry with me and hit him across the shoulders. "Concentrate your attention on my feet do you hear me?" He nodded his head yes and licked the soles of my feet all over.

"Yes that is the way I want you to do it." I opened the front of my blouse and unsnapped the front of my bra setting my breasts free. He glanced up and watched as I played with my nipples.

"Do not watch me. Pay attention to my feet. Do you understand me?" Again he went back to licking my feet.

"I want you to suck my toes again. I want them all licked. You like doing that don't you? You want to serve me in any way possible."

"Yes Mistress I will do any thing you ask. Anything."

"Stand up and turn around."

He stood up with his back to me. "I am going to remove your cuffs but you can not take advantage of the situation and touch me anywhere but on my feet. Do you understand what I am saying?" He put his hands in front of him and rubbed his wrists where the cuffs had been. "Yes Mistress."

"Get back down on your knees in front of me. I want you to worship my feet not only with your tongue but with your hands." He got back down on his knees in front of me. He took one foot in his hands and caressed it as if it was the most valuable thing he had ever seen.

"Oh yes, that feels good. You are doing a wonderful job. You know that don't you?"

"Oh yes Mistress you have such beautiful feet. May I kiss and caress them again?"

"Yes you may." I spread my legs more and played with my nipples as he kissed and licked my feet. It was relaxing to have his kiss my feet and caress them with his hands. He was glancing up watching me as I played with myself.

"I told you not to watch me. Do you want me to have to whip your shoulders again?

"No mistress but it is so hard not watching you. You have such a beautiful body. I want to worship you all over."

"That is not why you are here, you are to worship my feet only. Please lick my ankles and caress the soles of my feet." He massaged the soles of my feet as he licked the top of my foot and my ankle.

"Oh yes, that is the way to do it. You like for me to tell you what to do don't you?

"Yes Mistress. I want to serve you always."

"If you don't do it right you will never serve me again. I don't believe you have the funds to do much serving."

"Oh Mistress I would find the funds to serve you. I will do anything to make sure I can."

I was thinking in my mind. "You already do anything to get funds anyway." I was quiet and did not say anything about it. He was serving me personally and that was what counted.

"I want you to put my entire foot in your mouth."

He put my foot in his mouth and ran his tongue all around it. It was wonderful. He was caressing my heel as he lick every inch of my toes.

I heard an announcement come over the intercom. We were to get back to our seats and get buckled in. I took the foot that was free and ran it over the front of his shorts. He was rock hard. As I moved my foot back and forth faster he let out a groan.

"Yes Mistress please don't stop. Please don't stop.

Suddenly his body shook as he came. I felt the wetness of his cum through the front of his shorts. I lifted that foot. "Now you must lick your cum from the bottom of my foot. He took that foot in his mouth and feverishly licked it clean. I pulled my foot from his mouth. "Please put my sandals back on my feet. We need to get back to our seats.

Obediently he took one sandal and lovingly put it back on my foot. When he was done he put the other one on. Lovingly he kissed each foot licking it from the toe to my ankle. As much as I hated to I needed to leave. When he was done I put my jacket back on, straightened my skirt and as I opened the door I grabbed his shirt, toupee and hat.

"Please don't do that Mistress. People will know who I am."

"Sorry but this is part of it." I glanced down at the front of his shorts. He had a very big wet spot and it was spreading. "Clean yourself up, you don't want people to see you like that."

He glanced down. "Yes Mistress I will clean it up."

I was not that cold and heartless. I dropped his stuff on the seat across from the bathroom and made my way back to my seat. People giggled as I passed by and then turned their heads in the direction of the bathroom.

He appeared after about ten minutes. He was all in tact except his shirt was now on the outside of his shorts and he was holding it down in front as far as it would go. He did not say a word the rest of the trip. When he was getting ready to get off the plane he handed me the book he had given me when he first came aboard. Inside was a letter and another $1000.00 bill. The letter was simple.

"Thank you for letting me serve you. It was wonderful. Anytime you want your feet taken care of please call me. I can be there quickly to do so. I will serve you in any way you want me to.

Do I still see him? Yes. He has become one of my main slaves. I could quit and let him be my main slave but I don't want him to have that much power over me. What do we do? Well that is another story.


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