Writers' guidelines for CSP publications
*still under construction but read on...

Readership includes men and women of all sexual orientations and power polarities. While readers' experience levels ranges from "just thinking about it" to "lifestyle devotee," we want to be especially mindful of, and useful to, the less experienced reader.

Work can be submitted typewritten, or as a WordStar (preferred since I'm a dinosaur and still use WordStar for all my own work), Word for Windows, Word Perfect, or ASCII file in PC format. Our usual rate of pay is as follows Class 1 poems, fillers short pieces under 1,000 words...$10. Class 2 stories between 1,200- 3,000 words...$25. Class 3 long stories (over 3,000 words or two parters over 5,000 words)...$50 Class 4 regular stories with photos....$100 We purchase all rights. We pay "on acceptance" and will accept or reject work within 60 days. SASE required for return.

THE S & M NEWS takes the broadest possible view as to what is of interest to adult readers. As long as content provides information as opposed to fiction or fantasy we are interested. We have run articles as far flung as the censorship of the GOR novels (with a reply from John Norman) to choosing the correct corset for cross dressers.

We will be most interested in articles 1-3 pages in length (2-3,000 words) . Longer pieces will usually be published in serial form. Topics could include:

In fact, almost anything touching on S/M, B/D , D/S, Fetish, Power Exchange, might be a successful article, as long as it meets the primary requirement of imparting some new information or creative inspiration to at least some readers.

Artwork and Photography

Artists, Photographers, or illustrators are invited to send samples of their work by way of self-introduction. Possible cover art, photo-essays and folios will be considered on their own merits. To be published ALL photos must be accompanied by a fully filled out photo release and a copy of a state or federally issued PHOTO ID (Driver's License or Passport) from EVERYONE in the photo. THIS IS A FEDERAL LAW.

We are always in the market for good bondage photos, "FOOT" art, and Spanking shots

Work can be submitted as hard copy photos or art work or WINDOWS disk formats.

Shorter Pieces

We also buy "filler" pieces ( $5--$25) humorous anecdotes, tips and hints, cartoons, media clips.

Book, Video and Product Reviews

What authors, producers, and craft workers have to say about themselves and their work is probably more useful, and more interesting to readers, than critique by us. We want product releases, and book and video "Preview" in which they describe their work in their own words.

Send manuscripts to:

Carter Stevens Presents
Lexington Ave, P.O. Box 1097
Pocono Summit, PA 18346

or E-mail to


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